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Attendee feedback

Massive ‘yay’ to this event – cleared so much of the feelings I have had all my life!

Trisha was very engaging and clearly knowledgeable in her field. Her style was informal in the best way.

Thank you so much for another great evening! A great presentation by a brilliant facilitator. I feel more confident and have a better outlook already!

An excellent and useful session with the perfect balance of theory and activities.

This was just the top-up on this subject that I needed. Trisha was a great presenter.

Entertaining speaker on a very interesting and emotive subject.

 I though Trisha was a fabulous speaker – so insightful and inspirational  I look forward to future events.

30 min talks with Q&A
Half-day workshops

Tame your inner critic

Whether you call it inner critic, impostor syndrome, feeling fake or just annoying – the chances are that as a human you will have experienced the irrational kind of self-doubt that has you feeling like a fraud despite all the evidence to the contrary!

Whilst the feelings are not confined to women there are parts of our brain wiring and elements of culture that will affect the lived experience of women in business and influence the knock-on effects.

This session is full of insights and tactics - the interactive format encourages sharing. Getting ‘forensic’ with feelings and sharing insights are the core tactics when it comes to managing this joy-leeching feeling.

You will walk away with:

  • an understanding of the core elements of impostor syndrome
  • how these elements will be showing up in you and others
  • the cycle and the triggers of impostor syndrome applied to the business context
  • how you can re-frame and interrupt the thinking
  • a reminder to own your achievements and individuality
  • a general sense of well-being and motivation

Camera Confidence

Having a video on your website or social media is a great way of engaging people. 

It will also build trust and credibility.

However - it needs to represent you, your business or your company well - it needs a bit of preparation.

What is stopping you taking advantage of this powerful medium?

  • I will be judged
  • I look wrong
  • I hate my voice
  • Don't know what to say
  • I can't look at the camera

This workshop takes you through the 3 core ingredients of getting to the press record stage.

  1. Find your courage
  2. Sort your head out
  3. Use your heart

There will be examples of the ones that work and ones that don't - and some forensic analysis about why...

There will be simple, practical advise on 'setting up' for informal DIY video recording.

Tips on where to use your videos - and how.

Crucially there will be a supportive space for attendees to give it a go. 

Pitch Perfect

Wouldn't it be great to give a clear, engaging answer to the question ‘what do you do’?

It's not a ‘dark art’ –all you need is tactics and a rational system to have a pitch that gets people listening and taking action.This unique workshop gives you this system and ensures that your pitch feels authentic - to you and them.This is a high-value workshop designed to equip you with a powerful pitch that you can use immediately.


  • Getting to the essence - 5 whys group exercise
  • The ruling idea
  • Start from the end - understanding what you want them to do/remember
  • The rational system - the ART of the perfect pitch (Alert, Resonate, Tempt)
  • Delivery - projection and body language
  • Strong/Warm balance
  • Objective Feedback group exercises
  • Practice and perfect

You will go away with:

  • The Rational System template
  • A recording of your pitch

Very very useful, best workshop ever! 


Was fantastic! Delivered superbly and was very very useful, best workshop ever!

Katie Jane - Small business owner

You prompted some thoughts!


Thanks for your workshop yesterday, your honesty and passion is refreshing. You've prompted some thoughts about how we can be better at learning by spending time reflecting, something I'll ponder.

David Matthews - Owner Upton Beach Consultancy

it really struck a chord


Thanks for a fantastic workshop today! It has given me lots to think about and was really refreshing to know we all get negative thoughts! When you said about comparing other people’s websites and then giving up based on false beliefs, it really struck a chord-I was literally doing that last night!

Annie Elston - Elston Holgate Consultancy

Extracts from a 30 minute talk - School Assembly