Before you sink time and money into quick fix 'magic' to grow your business - read this book!

I have walked the walk! I want to save you going down the time and money wasting rabbit holes - and I want to turn your frustration into fun!

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The Mystery of the Squashed Self Book

Fab reviews from my beta readers!

Shelley Wilson guest Make it Real podcast

Shelly Wilson – Shelley Wilson Writing

I ADORE your book. It's like you've climbed inside my head and written it just for me. To answer your questions: YES, it makes sense. The concept is unique and memorable, I love the Investigator and Professor P angle (it's also rekindled my love of Unsolved Crimes TV Shows). Does it resonate? Hell yeah! I saw myself in both Client S and Client T so I imagine there will be plenty of readers who do the same thing. The 'create your own case' is brilliant as it gets the reader involved (and accountable). I loved every word. You have a fabulous 'voice' for writing - plenty of humour without being flippant. You demonstrate your skill set and share your story which is why people buy from people. It's a 5* review from me and that's without it being a final edited version ;)

Interviewing Margie Warrell Make it Real Podcast


This book will help you get the clarity, confidence and courage you need to take your business to the next level… and beyond!

If you’ve been going in circles or hit a plateau, Trisha’s fresh, fun and practical framework for getting unstuck and on track to creating a business you love is just what you need.

How to stop self-sabotaging and make your business thrive.

Are you a frustrated, but fabulous, female business owner who feels like you are losing a grip on your passion, personality and power?

Are you feeling stuck in the traps of people-pleasing, blurred boundaries and conformity?

Are you driven, but don’t feel like you are in the driving seat?


You are self-squashing.

This book will get you unsquashed. You will feel released as the REAL you with a business that thrillingly thrives rather than sort of survives.

In The Mystery of the Squashed Self, I explore the drivers that lead you into these traps and equips you with the tools to spot them before you get caught.

You will meet eight frustrated business owners, Investigator Lewis and Professor P.

The eight cases are built around real stories shared by Trisha's clients, as well as her personal experience of setting up a business, self-squashing – and finally unsquashing!

I use my coach, actor and story facilitator skills to bring human stories, symptoms and science to life, with insight, resources and actions.

In these pages you’ll discover:

  • That you are human and not alone.
  • What lies behind your self-squashing.
  • How your brain tricks you.
  • How to unsquash using re-framing and the rationality filter.

For your business to grow you need to feel motivated, aligned and clear, and that means releasing the real you from the FIBs you are carrying around – fears, illusions and baggage. If that release sounds like a relief, this book is for you.

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The Mystery of the Squashed Self by Trisha Lewis

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A very useful free tool!

Our brains work in mysterious ways! So we have to carry out regular forensics, audits and reframes to keep us from self-doubt spirals and self-sabotaging squashing! This 'assess and act' guide will up your self-awareness and give you 5 key unsquashing steps to work on - right now! 

An unexpected sign that you are squashing yourself

Watch this IsolaTED talk - and be surprised!

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Overcoming Impostor Syndrome - article

It's a self-inflicted feeling that holds you back, burns you out and saps your motivation - and its time to get it sorted.

I have delayed this! Having had a rough ride with the dreaded Covid - I took a difficult but very grown up decision to put this off until 2022 - the TEDx Norwich team have been incredibly understanding.  If a job is worth doing it is worth doing properly - and I need full energy!

MEANWHILE - there will be some great talks to watch come March 2021 - I know - because I have had a taster of the speakers for this year! So stay tuned - and then stay tuned a bit longer for mine!

Some unsquashing support from my podcast guests!

OverviewMargie Warrell delves into her latest book 'You've Got This' - and

Kim Boudreau Smith is on a mission to help women step bolder

Andrea Waltz is the co-founder of Courage Crafters, Inc. and co-author of

Eleanor Goold is a straight talking business owner with a sense of

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