Me in a nutshell

A late developer who never stopped developing!

If I list my life-forces as curiosity, creativity, playfulness and empowerment - 

it is no wonder that I love what I do!

I am not planning on retiring having finally released the real me with calm, confident coherence - does that sound appealing?

The Journey that led to releasing the real me!

It took a while! The timeline gives you a peek into the journey. But - look at the bookend moments in the 2 photos below - toddler to present day.  I think the 'feisty' me was there at the start - as with most of us. For many of us this initial unquestioning sense of being is eroded by the forces of childhood, relationships and society.... we need to reclaim it!

2005 - 16 Entertaining Speaker and reminiscence work - I was getting there...

2005 Graduated. In hindsight - still squashed with impostor syndrome.

1995 - present day - professional actor.  See the video below for relevance!

1988 - 1995 Amateur Dramatics - my saviour. Released - but only in part.

1980s on - marriage(s), kids - highs and lows -learning through life!

1970s -self-conscious, self-doubting young girl. The real me was in a cage!

My 'real-me' fun facts!

I went to an all girl's school until I was 16 - then an all boy's school! I was in the first intake of 6 girls into the 6th form of a big posh school - as a boarder! I played Delilah in the school production of Samson Agonistes!

To mark my 60th birthday I found the very same footpath bars that as a kid, much to my shame, I couldn't somersault over! Yes! I did it! 

I like this quote:

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

Carl Yung

From Feisty to Feisty

Age 2


Age 62

All un-squashed once more

Watch this space

2021 promises be an exciting year! My book should be published and my TedX Talk out there!

Not to mention an ever evolving adventure hosting the Make it Real Podcast.

The Mystery of the Squashed Self by Trisha Lewis

Official achievement stuff

  • BU Alumni of the year 2019 - Inspiring Learning
  • BA (hons)Communication 
  • Recognised Reminiscence Facilitator - European Reminiscence Network
  • Mentoring and Peer Assisted Learning Leader qualifications 
  • Best Actress - Dundalk International One-Act Play Festival! Yes - proud of that
  • LAMDA Speech and Drama awards - from Grade 1 to Gold!
  • CELTA - teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Pretty sure I have a 'life-saving' medal from school somewhere
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