Impostor Syndrome Unmasked #26 – Ridiculous Comparisons

Impostor Syndrome Unmasked

Removing the mask of mystery around this pervasive self-doubt feeling known as impostor syndrome.

Insight of the week

You don't need to be Einstein to be worthy of praise.

You don't know everything - you keep learning.

In a world where the definition of successful business people is 'Richard Branson' or 'Sheryl Sandberg'' ... do we fall into the trap of making ridiculous comparisons and falling short in our rather warped thinking?

Like a lot of these thought processes they are often subliminal.


good word - and very relevant when discussing Impostor Syndrome

Definition (Cambridge Dictionary): Not recognized or understood by the conscious mind, but still having an influence on it.

Main point of my observations in the video:

Call yourself out when you find you have just dismissed your value because you have judged it by a ridiculous measure! You don't need to have landed on the moon to be worthy of praise - and they are not humouring you when they praise you by the way!

PLUS - a thought that just came to me ...

Do you ever find yourself feeling a strange 'jealous' sort of sensation when people talk about others in a similar or related area of work - people who are doing amazing things. Maybe they just had a book published or an article in a high flying publication... or you heard them interviewed on a podcast... 

Somehow you have totally missed out the part where they have been in their profession for 20 years - and you... 3? 

Somehow you are feeling like a bit of a failure because you don't measure up to them!

Think about that....

Have a good week - big yourself up!

P.S. One place that can really bring out the 'impostor demons' is at a networking event - particularly when you have to 'give your pitch'! Just wanted you to know about a workshop now open for booking - 'Pitch Perfect' - December 5th 9-1 Detail here

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